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San Marco's Loch Ness Gator is No Urban Legend.

Posted August 16, 2013
If your daughter tells you there is an alligator living in the lake just outside your back door, believe it, escpecially if two more Lake Marco residents  spot it. There was an eight-footer ultimately captured by by gator hunter from State Nuisance Alligator Program Billy Parry assesses the situation. 

You need to be diligent and patient it seems to catch a gator. For two weeks Billy monitored the spot where the gatore was spotted ultimately got his prey.  Parry has been a trapping these animals for three years using just a fishing rod, treble hook and weights. . There is a standard by which Billy and the nuisance alligator effort uses:  If they’re less than four feet long, the gators are caught and released into a “less populated” area. 

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